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It's been many years since I lived in the Pacific Northwest, but I do remember that it seemed every type of fruit I ever heard of grew well there. Including Rhubarb, which I maintain is a fruit because of its use as a dessert pie filling.
As to sales, you might do very well to hook up with a local CSA. They are often looking to expand their offerings, and their customers are usually happy to have something unusual, especially if it tastes great. I think partnering with a CSA would be a very good way to help you get reasonable prices and it cuts down tremendously on the marketing work. Just be sure to check out their operation before you make too much of a commitment. All CSAs are not created equal.

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 I live on the southern Oregon coast about 1/2 a mile inland.  I am USDA zone 9 and sunset zone 5.  I planted a small orchard this spring and would like advice on what grows well here.  The annual temperatures are normally between 30 F and 70F.  Northwest winds of 5-20 miles per hour are pretty much constant all spring and summer.  I am planting a windbreak for the orchard- does anyone know how to germinate filbert seeds?  
I planted Libery, Gravenstein, and King apples along with Seneca, Italian and Beauty plums, Lapins and Rainer cherries, Rescue and Blake's Pride pears, Starfire peach, and five differnt varities of blueberrys.  I also grafted 15 differnt heirloom apple varities on M27 rootstock and ordered a few more grafted onto MARK.  
I would like to find some way to develop a small commerial direct to consumer fruit orchard on my property and sell the produce at farmer's markets and the like.  I've been talking to the extension agents about commercial blueberry production and reading WSU Mt. Vernon's varitey trials.  I have tried talking to the nearest commerical fruit tree extension agent in the state and was basically told that my idea is impossible.  Is there any success to be had selling varities like Hudson's Golden Gem, Ashmead's Kernal, William's Pride, Wyoonce Early, Melrose, Spitzenburg, Libery and other either disease resistant or heirloom apples directly to consumers.
I'm sorry for how long winded this is but I have a TON of questions.
Ceely Will 

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