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The ever wonderful Edwardo writes:

      I'll start by saying that most so-called Asian type varieties exhibit near true flavor when harvested/consumed directly from the tree.  A few (Olympic comes to mind) will develop enhanced flavors after a couple of months in refrigerated storage but this flavor change is subtle (perhaps a bit more of "butterscotch" than at harvest).

      And Seckel is the only European type that I've personally grown that
is excellent from the tree.

ed........just curious about other's experiences.

My reply:

A tree ripe Harvest Queen is probably the best tasting pear I have ever eaten.  For whatever reason it is a fairly shy bearer in my locale and given the plethora of pear neighbors it has I doubt pollination is the issue.  But I never have enough as neighbors and friends will take all I have and are continually disappointed there are not more.

Surprisingly Harrow Sweet is also awesome tree ripe...however it has a bit more of a tendency to rot in the center.  By contrast Potomac is okay tree ripe, Atlantic Queen and rescue are both excellent tree ripe.  Interestingly I find both Warren and Magness just okay in this regard.

I have heard Canal Pear is very good tree ripe and just grafted it with several other varieties to try out.  

Personally I like Seckle but it is only okay to my taste in this regard.  

Miss ya Ed...

the fluffy one

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