[NAFEX] Asian pears (was Atlantic Queen pear)

Ed Fackler ed.fackler at gmail.com
Sat May 9 10:54:17 EDT 2009


     That is a great story!  Thanks.  And you've nailed down the flavors of
"Hardy Giant" (aka Olympic, Korean Giant, etc.).  And indeed they'll (well
most anyway) will develop sugars much before they are at peak flavor.  And
the "golden" (generally on the southwest "sunkissed" side) color develops
late and is an indicator of peak maturity.

     And as information I do think Stark Hardy Giant is the same as Olympic
as I sent them their original bud wood many, many years ago and have seen
their scion orchard more recently.


On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 10:40 AM, William C. Garthright
<billg at inebraska.com>wrote:

> > I'll start by saying that most so-called Asian type varieties exhibit
> > near true flavor when harvested/consumed directly from the tree.  A
> > few (Olympic comes to mind) will develop enhanced flavors after a
> > couple of months in refrigerated storage but this flavor change is
> > subtle (perhaps a bit more of "butterscotch" than at harvest).
> I'm absolutely the last person to judge subtle flavors, as you can tell
> from this story. Last year, I got my first (a total of three) Asian
> pears from my young "Starking Hardy Giant" (from Stark Bros., so who
> knows?) tree. I had absolutely no idea how to tell when it was ripe, so
> I just picked one in early September and tried it. Well, it was sweet,
> and good-tasting, but was it ripe? I didn't have the slightest idea.
> So I waited awhile and tried another one. Same thing. Finally, much
> later (but unfortunately, I didn't note the date), I picked the last
> one. It was still hard, of course, and still sweet, and it was clearly -
> obviously - better-tasting than the other two. After that, even I could
> tell that the first two weren't ripe. But I still don't know if the last
> one was perfectly ripe (my guess is that it was), or how to tell when I
> should pick them (although the last one did develop something of a
> golden color).
> Heh, heh. At any rate, I have neither the experience nor the taste buds
> to respond to your request. I just thought that my experience was kind
> of funny. I tend to like everything that I grow myself (clove currants
> being the exception), but my opinions aren't shared by others.
> :-)
> Bill
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