[NAFEX] Plum curculio in cold and wet

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We do our normal tilling in our tree rows generally once a month beginning 
in May with our Weed Badger.  We catch the end of June drop that would get 
any PC eggs between 550 DD and 800 DD, then again when the PC pupae are in 
the soil if any eggs were missed, generally from 900 DD through 1200 DD. 
That would be the only time tilling would be beneficial against PC.  The 
critical control period for codling moth eggs is around 250 - 300 DD which 
is also just after petal fall for us and a critical control period for adult 
PC.  I use Calypso, which is an ovicide for CM and is very effective against 
PC just after petal fall.  With our cultural practices and Calypso we have 
been able to control PC for the past 2 seasons since phasing out Imidan 
completely.  We are now organophosphate free!

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> Neil Lewis wrote, "I have been using Surround on my fruit trees this year 
> for the first time, but continuous rain here in suburban
> Maryland has washed most of it off."
>    Murphy said he controls curcullio by tilling under the trees in Spring 
> and Fall.  So why spray?  I tilled last Fall and will do so again in a day 
> or so.
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