[NAFEX] OT Low Lignin & high Tannin forages (seed?)

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Mar 31 17:33:33 EDT 2009

At 01:28 PM 3/31/2009, Naomi wrote:
>I apologize .. OT again.  I have been doing some reading about the 
>Environmental and Nutritional benefits of  low lignin and high 
>tannin forages as feed for ruminants.  I will be doing a replanting 
>of my alfalfa field next year.  Does anyone know When  If Where From 
>whom ..seed will be available?
What species, in particular, are you looking for?

Down here in the Southeast, the meat goat researchers are pushing the 
perennial sericea lespedeza - but it's on the noxious weed list in 
some states.  There are some low(er) tannin sericea varieties(like AU 
Lotan & Serala) that evidently are more palatable to cattle, but I'm 
not certain that goats discriminate against the straight species type.
I'm a big fan of annual lespedeza - Marion is really good, and the 
old standard Kobe & Korean types are not at all bad.
Another species the goat folks have recommended is sainfoin - but I 
know absolutely nothing about it.
I've tried birdsfoot trefoil, but had no success getting it established.

Lucky Pittman
USDA Cold Zone 6
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Hopkinsville, KY 
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