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Local wisdom here, used to heavy commercial orchards, if the sky is
overcast, you can sleep.  If it clears you need to get up and light your
smudge pots and fire up the wind machines.   By dumb luck I positioned my
trees along a rise by the driveway so there is excellent temperature
drainage.  I have used Christmas lights and sheets.  But have been lazy of
late.  Mostly it is okay and since I do not live off my trees and am not
monoculture it is not a major problem if there is a light fruit year. 


Actually I may have a light fruit year from my Keepsake apple.  It bore
heavily last year and we kind of picked in a rush before a storm.  I asked
my husband to help.  He ripped the heck out of that tree.  



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  The sprinkler idea intrigues me. I am a mimic, and have always watched
nature. This season brings with it the wide variety of temperature changes,
but using bodies of water of ANY size has a temperature modifier can help. I
bought 6  ten X twelve pond kits w/ fountains. These were on clarence, but
if you look at TEKsupply.com, they have pond liner remnants of various
sizes, and with creativity, the same things can be made out of a variety of
junk/scrap plumbing materials. 
  I have looked at some of the remnant orchards, not yet buudozed, upstate
N.y., and they are often on slopes, never intended for machine tending of
any kind.
 I guess my point is that sometimes what is best for a flower is not what's
easiest for man.matt,peace

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Garfield Schultz once told me about using a sugar water spray for frost
protection.  I never got around to trying it but I just did a google and
found references to mixtures containing sugar used for frost protection.

Another thing that can work is to run a sprinkler over your tree.

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