[NAFEX] Nanking cherries--suited for personal fruit research

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 09:42:02 EDT 2009

We've been fruiting Nanking Cherries over 15 years.  Put in 30 of them on
campus, bought as windbreak plants.  Good plants for kids because any age
can reach them.  No ladder!  These are our first bush/tree fruits each
spring, ripening along with juneberries (Amelanchier).

Have done absolutely nothing to them, whether pruning, weeding, fertilizing,
etc.  Over the years, only 8-10 have survived the string trimmers and black

Of the ones with strong black knot resistance, we transplanted seedlings of
the best tasting ones.

Just set out 20 of these at our new farm.  Will be selecting these for
flavor and disease resistance.

If we had enough, we could compare planting with/without mycorrhizal
treatment of roots, even planting by/against the signs.

Thanks again to Lee Reich featuring nanking cherries and other low care
fruits in his Uncommon Fruits books.

Richard Moyer
Castlewood, VA
Zone 6
Out to transplant more rhubarb.
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