[NAFEX] heat tape

Kevin Moore aleguy33 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 29 21:05:42 EDT 2009

We sometimes use an old Coleman camp heater to save our grapefruit from a hard freeze. I doubt that heat tape could save your pluot blossoms, but if you have nothing else it's worth a try. You might do better to cover the whole tree with old sheets or something. Best of luck to you.

Kevin z9

From: Deb S <debs913 at gmail.com>
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Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2009 10:14:46 AM
Subject: [NAFEX] heat tape

Has anyone ever tried hanging heat tape in branches of trees to prevent freezing?  This is the tape used to wrap pipes.  I was thinking that it might raise the temps in a small tree enough to spare some fruit (pluot is in full bloom and we are expecting a freeze tonight).

Probably a wacky idea....


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