[NAFEX] Alan, ya'll crack me up

Dr.O'Barr Topgun at Otelco.net
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Aren't there any religious people on this site who realize GOD created the plants we enjoy and whtever he decides goes?

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    in every camp their are dissidents) cosmologist suggest anything other than a total extermination of life throughout the Cosmos. The most sunny scenario I have heard is somehow matter slips into another plane of existence which sows the seed for NEW life to begin again, but even this sunny day scenario assumes the eradication of every single bit of the universe in terms of life. 

    So your jolly old civilizations would be toast also.

  OK I've been trying to stay out of this one entirely, but I've got to say to this:

  So what?

  I've never seen any sense at all in saying that, just because something is temporary, it doesn't matter what it's like while it exists.

  Suppose you could spend the next day either first pruning your trees, or doing something else you love, and then enjoying a great dinner with a friend; or, alternatively, first being locked up hungry, thirsty, and cold in a basement and then being burned to death.

  Are you seriously going to tell me that, just because you're going to die eventually anyway, you wouldn't have a preference?

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