[NAFEX] Fluffy's flosophy

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 13:28:55 EDT 2009

That was beautiful fluffy, but I have another flosophy entirely, well a
theory or just a religious story and here it is.

An untold number of planets throughout the universe occasionally sprout a
clever enough organism to kind of step out of nature's treadmill and develop
sophisticated self-serving technology.  And once in a billion years or so
one of these organisms manages to avoid committing suicide through their own
cleverness.  They actually transform themselves from the biological into
kind of immortal machine beings that can observe the entire universe in all
its vastness.  Around this time they realize that there are other life forms
in other parts of the universe who've managed to do the same thing.  Having
accomplished all their is for a life form to accomplish, they spend infinity
with these other champions of destiny, observing fledgling species of
intelligence tottering along the edge of extinction and make bets about
which ones will also pull off their miracle...
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