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I have gotten several request for pruning information over the past few weeks.  For those who have been asking about pruning, I now have the pruning video "Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning" available to order through my blog or on our web site.  This video was produced by Cedardale Orchards with Gary Moulton.

Gary is a horticulturist and fruit tree grower with many years of both practical and theoretical experience.  He is a graduate of Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo and Washington State University.  Involved in continuing tree fruit research since 1980 at WSU, he works with the latest and most efficient pruning methods for fruit trees. 

Whether you have a backyard orchard, a newly planted tree or an old neglected, out of control monster, you will get good results with the help of the tried-and-true pruning methods presented in this video.

Demonstrations in the video include:

  a.. Tools you need and how to use them 
  b.. Training Systems - first planting to mature trees for Open Center, Central Leader and Espalier 
  c.. How to handle old neglected trees 
  d.. How trees grow 
We use "Easy Steps to Fruit Tree Pruning" as a training tool here at Royal Oak Farm with all of our new employees.  It is one of the better, if not the best video available today on the proper pruning methods.  I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to learn how to properly prune fruit trees.

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