[NAFEX] Fimco trailer sprayers

V. Michael Bove, Jr. vmb at teakettlefarm.com
Sun Mar 22 20:19:04 EDT 2009

Hoping to save my back from the weight of a full backpack sprayer I'd  
decided to get a 15-gallon Fimco trailer sprayer this year, and when I  
saw that the Tractor Supply store had them on sale this weekend for  
what seemed to be $50-60 less than all the mail-order suppliers were  
asking, I grabbed one.

After getting it home I found that there are two variants of Fimco 15- 
gallon sprayer: the one that pretty much every other place carries  
(with a 2 GPM pump), and the one that Tractor Supply carries  
(essentially the same but with a 1 GPM pump and a slightly different  
spray wand).  Does anyone have experience spraying dwarf trees with  
the latter?  Just making sure I won't be too disappointed with the  
reach or coverage...  Thanks.

--Michael Bove
Teakettle Farm, Z6 (MA/RI border)

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