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I live in the deep south (Z9) and can tell you that my Honoeyes begin fruiting in late February and continue through mid August. You may be right about them cooking in the sun later in the season, but I suspect the early fruit (through April) would be just fine. Since the Honoeyes are the parent stock of this berry, I assume the fruiting times would be approximately the same. The later berries are usually smaller anyway, so who cares if they cook?

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Donna is having some posting issues with her 
e-mail and asked me to post this for her:
For a strawberry that dark, there are 
some other aspects besides public 
interest or lack of it to keep in 
mind.  For starters, it would probably be 
a total bust in the Deep 
South, because of the same problem I've seen with 
purple peppers and 
tomatoes: they sunburn.  The intense heat of the sun on 
the dark fruit 
literally cooks it.  On the other hand, I have looked 
(statistically, with pencil in hand) at the huge number of tomato 
in my old SSE Yearbooks and found that more people in the north are 
of dark tomatoes.  I very much suspect that when heat units are a 
limiting factor in what a plant and a fruit can do in terms of making sugars 
and other flavor components, that darker fruit may be better flavored. 
That's seldom hard to sell, especially with the current interest in darker 
fruit for nutritive value.  Hmmm... do darker apples have better flavor 
up north?  Just musing.  Maybe it's better in apples to let 
the sun actually 
shine through into the interior of the fruit, and opaque 
dark skin would 
stop that.
    If this  "Black 
Beauty" or other variety are available from some 
collection for trial, I 
think Jim Fruth and some other northerners might 
want to trial it.  If 
a person were willing to fiddle with seeds that small, 
they might get some 
interesting crosses.  I'll bet the same collection has 
some commercial 
quality strawberries that have female only flowers, allowing 
for known 
crosses to show up as well as selfs.  (First of all, is the color 
dominant or recessive? )  Donna 

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