[NAFEX] scab and CAR control in southeastern NY Z6

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You must be one of the more fortunate ones in NY.  I know resistance has been an issue there.  We usually end up doing a maximum of four sprays and can get by some seasons with only three.  From 2003 to 2007 we got by with only three and never had scab, but in '08 we had a horrible scab year and had to do the fourth.  With the amount of inoculum in the orchard now, I have been keeping it at four.  The summer spray is more for sooty blotch, fly spec than anything else.  CAR is no problem for us at all.  We Have never had an incidence of it in any of the orchards.

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  Wow, Dennis, that's an awful lot of applications to control fungus.  I get absolute control of scab and CAR with a max of 3 applications.  Most of the sites I manage don't have a lot of trees by commercial standards but some have a couple acres and often very large trees of susceptable varieties like Mac.  They often have huge trees nearby that used to be the same commercial orchard that was subdivided and the neighbor doesn't spray (or prune) at all and trees are full of scab and CAR while my trees are clean.  At these sites I make sure to include some Captan and rotate to  Flint in a petal fall ap. or the final ap. 10 to 14 days later.

  After a dozen years I haven't had a problem with resistance, even at sites where I have only used Captan and Nova for the final 2 sprays, sometimes adding Captan only once.  I even get adequate control just spraying twice at petal fall and first cover.  Have you ever tried reducing your aps to see what happens?  Maybe my success is because none of my sites has more than 3 acres or so of trees.

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