[NAFEX] Box Elder Sap ( Anthony Curcio )

Douglas Woodard dwoodard at becon.org
Tue Mar 17 16:59:36 EDT 2009

Here it is known as Manitoba Maple. It is a great pioneer tree, like 
poplar and I would't be suprised if it performs a similar nutrient pump 
role. However, if you are trying to re-introduce native species to a 
landscape it's an appalling pest as it jumps into every available space, 
seeding into sod. You have to get on the little ones fast or they will 
be a lot of trouble to remove. They sprout freely from every stump and 
must be killed dead, not just cut.

Doug Woodard
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Matt Demmon wrote:
> Thank you Anthony for jumping in to rescue the poor Box Elder. Here
> are some of my favorite attributes:
> -grows anywhere from Michigan floodplains to New Mexico train stations.
> -delicious sap
> -sometimes beautiful red streaked wood
> -excellent for growing oyster mushrooms
> -fast growth
> -pretty blue stems
> -excellent habitat for insect-eating birds, just the kind you want in
> your fruit orchard.
> That's all!
> -matt
> se mi z5 60+ degrees today
> On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Anthony Curcio <apc at vassolinc.com> wrote:
>> What kind of product do you get from box elders.  I tap sugar maples
>> with the kids at school.  We have lots of box elders but never tapped them.
>> Jon (Rutland, VT)
>> Jon,
>> We, like many people tried to rid our farm of the “ Weed Tree”. Then one day
>> I saw a beautiful vivid red veined piece of wood in a cabinet maker’s shop.
>> Turned out to be Ash Leaf Maple or “ Box Elder”. Shortly after that
>> encounter my 10 yo son read that Native Indians reduced the sap of the Box
>> Elder to a syrup much like Maple syrup. We built a small wood burning stove,
>> tapped a few Box Elders, had a great time and have never gone back to Sugar
>> Maple syrup. BE syrup has a very nice honey/buttery flavor. I know it is
>> hard to believe but if you can look past the first impression we have found
>> something good in just about everything….
>> Except Mosquitoes…..
>> Anthony
>> Anthony P. Curcio
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>> VasSol, Inc.
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