[NAFEX] H.R. 875 more trouble from the government forsmallproducers

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I believe that the main concern is catastropic animal diseases that could be introduced or spread by terrorists.  This would be things like food and mouth disease, avian influenza, etc.
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	I have read it.   It is primarily a transfer of authority over  food processing establishments and food producers (farms) from the various agencies  currently splitting the regulations to a single authority in Homeland Security.  The grounds are that people have become worried about the safety of their food because  of recent outbreaks, (Jalapeño peppers, downer cows and peanut butter) and that the system needs to be organized better.  


	At least that is my impression reading the legislation.  I cannot see that they are actually proposing to do anything that they are not already empowered to do.  But at present Dept of Ag and FDA and Interstate Commerce etc are working different angles on it.


	Since I do sell goat for meat I already am registered and use Scrapie  tags and keep records of what leaves my farm.   I am also aware that if the Feds care to come on my place and inspect and ask for my records that is already their prerogative.  So no change except for  the overseeing agency.



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	Take a look at this bill
	It looks like it is more privacy invasion as the government under the guise of food safety wants to register every "food establishment" (which looks like it includes anyone who produces any food on their property).  
	If you find it very disturbing as I did, here's the link to write your Congressional rep and tell them so

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