[NAFEX] Box Elder Sap ( Anthony Curcio )

Anthony Curcio apc at vassolinc.com
Fri Mar 13 09:39:10 EDT 2009

What kind of product do you get from box elders.  I tap sugar maples

with the kids at school.  We have lots of box elders but never tapped them.

Jon (Rutland, VT)


We, like many people tried to rid our farm of the " Weed Tree". Then one day I saw a beautiful vivid red veined piece of wood in a cabinet maker's shop. Turned out to be Ash Leaf Maple or " Box Elder". Shortly after that encounter my 10 yo son read that Native Indians reduced the sap of the Box Elder to a syrup much like Maple syrup. We built a small wood burning stove, tapped a few Box Elders, had a great time and have never gone back to Sugar Maple syrup. BE syrup has a very nice honey/buttery flavor. I know it is hard to believe but if you can look past the first impression we have found something good in just about everything....

Except Mosquitoes.....


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