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There are many websites on the internet that perpetuate food safety fears.
Some, I suspect, do it for an agenda.  Here is some info from Cornell on FDA
accepted tolerance values.  With regard to antibiotics, when they talk in of
tolerance levels in ppb, by the time the milk is consumed and most
antibiotics are further broken down by stomach acids, it's practically nil.
Instead of  Dairyfree saying, "low levels of antibiotic residues are
typically allowed", it would have been more accurate for them to say.
"tolerance levels for antibiotics in milk are practically zero."

Cows with mastitis give very little milk and the milk is not used, it's
infected and nasty.  Additionally the colostrum  (milk from the first
48hrs.) does not go in the tank.

Lastly, one correction.  Evidently, not every load of milk is tested for
antibiotics at every plant.  Apparently some milk is not tested and
occasionally some antibiotic milk even gets to the consumer.  According to
the National Milk Drug Residue Database (independent outfit)  0.007% of
pasteurized milk products contained antibiotic residues higher than FDA
tolerances.  As a nation we produce 625 lbs. (78 gal.) of milk per person.
That computes to about .7 ounces per person, or a little over a tablespoon
of milk.


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> godairyfree.org/health-info/  states that "low levels of antibiotic
> residues are typically permitted".
> Dairy cows often get mastitis which is treated with antibiotics
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