[NAFEX] Are Loganberries Commonly Bitter?

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My one venture with Loganberries lasted about 3 years.  The vines produced fruit that was tart until dead ripe then the flavor was excellent without any trace of bitterness.  The berries would turn almost purple at this point.  The number of berries was never high and I had problems with the winged rats taking the fruit before it could fully ripen, so I pulled them all out and use the space for something else.  Never ran into any bitterness with them and I would not call the fruit small.  However size of the fruit did not match those of the more popular blackberries' sizes you see these days.

John S
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I planted a bareroot loganberry 2 seasons ago.  The first year it bore well but small berries that barely had any flesh due to an undiscovered problem in my drip irrigation system. Last year I had to water by hand (couldn't afford to fix the system). The berries were a bit bigger but still bitter. Now, blackberries have a bit of that bitterness around the seeds but they have enough sweetness to make up for it.  I've never tried loganberries before planting them. Do they primarily taste bitter?

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