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My comments at the bottom.

The thread thus far:


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I remember reading their reviews before Dave's took them down.  They had 
to be one of the worst rated nurseries I've ever seen.  Beware, they 
have operated under several different names.

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  That makes me mad that Daves took the reviews down. They should have 
stuck to their guns. That's how customers really felt about TyTy. I'm 
glad I got a warning before I wasted my money there. Unfortunately TyTy 
webpages still land high in Google searches for certain plants and 

  On Mar 8, 2009, at 10:46 AM, Lon J. Rombough wrote:

    I don't know what the present status is, but in the past TyTy had 
one of the worst  reputations around.  Daves Garden rates nurseries and 
TyTy got so many bad reviews the nursery got mad  at Daves and made them 
take the reviews down.


The rabbit chimes in:

One of the interesting things about the Internet is some folks take the time to preserve things that are out there.

Take this whole Ty Ty thing...

You can go to the Internet Wayback Machine and viola, Ty Ty is back!!!!

On Feb 03, 2005 Dave's garden watchdog had 96 reviews, 82% of which were negative.

The URL for your amusement for Dave's Garden as of Feb 03, 2005:


One more thing, until there is better protection every web site owner out there and individuals get lawsuit threats or lawyer phone calls from companies trying squash bad press.  Sometimes the bad press is justified other times it is not.  But I know of several companies several business consultants with the inside track who were silenced from going forward via the net with what they knew about companies.  I.E. they posted the information only to it removed.  - anyways...

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