[NAFEX] Cloudberry availability and propagation

Jim Fruth jfruth at tds.net
Sat Mar 7 09:24:12 EST 2009

Michael Dossett wrote, "The records appear to mostly be old (though one as 
recent as '05) from Lake and St. Louis counties, but I'm sure that there is 
still cloudberry?in the same areas if not the exact same locations.?"

    Cloudberry probably still grows in Aitkin County, Minnesota.  Where is 
Aitkin County?  If you were to draw an 'X' from corner to corner on a 
Minnesota Map, Aitkin County lies about 30 miles to the Northeast of the 
    I say it "probably still grows" there because, yesterday, I dusted off 
one of my botanical books from the 1970's.  The project involved learning 
the wild plants so I could teach the city folk who were wishing to learn 
about wild foods and herbs.  To that end, I made numerous forays into the 
bush armed with a set of color pencils and a "Peterson & McKinney" 
wildflower book of line drawings.  Whenever I encountered a new flower, I 
colored it in.  Upon paging through, yesterday, I was amazed to discover 
that Cloudberry was colored.  If pressed to do so, I'd bet I could find it 

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