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Jukka K jpkrvi at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 7 04:30:53 EST 2009

Oh, the magical cloudberry! Thinking of cloudberries brings to my mind happy memories from my childhood in Northern Finland, where cloudberries are a very important crop still today. Picking beautiful, ripe, fragrant cloudberries on an open marsh on a sunny day, it's one of my absolute favorite things (minus the mosquitos!)
There is some cloudberry breeding going on in Finlang, aiming at larger berries and hermaphrodite cultivars. A hermaphrodite clone found in nature in western Finland is now commercially available.
In the garden, cloudberry requires a "wet bed" similar to cranberry. I haven't tried that because I can get ample amounts of wild clouberried from my mom each summer. 
If anyone is interested in getting wild cloudberry seeds from Finland, I can extract some and send next summer.  

The follwing links may be of interest to those looking for cloudberry information:



Mr. Jukka Kallijarvi

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> Subject: [NAFEX] Cloudberry
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> Hi folks,
> I'm wondering if anyone on here knows anything about
> Cloudberries.  I'm also looking for a commercial source
> for Cloudberry plants or seeds.
> English: cloudberry
> German: Moltebeere, Torfbeere
> Canada, USA (Alaska): cloudberry, bakeapple
> Scientific Names
> Species: Rubus chamaemorus L.
> Family: Rosaceae
> I found some Cloudberry jam at Ikea and, aside from being
> too sweet like almost all commercial jams, we thought it was
> really good.  They resemble large yellow raspberries
> and their seeds is also like large raspberry seeds! 
> The information I found online mentioned their hardiness and
> the fact that they grow naturally in Canada and other
> Northern countries.
> Thanks, 
> Sarah 
> Zone 3, Edm, AB


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