[NAFEX] Rooting hormones and propagation

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Lucky--Did you do this indoors (greenhouse), or outdoors?  At which time of year?

This past Autumn, a friend of mine took cuttings (active, not dormant) from a couple of my pears and rooted them successfully with rootone.  He did his in pots, using some type of shredded bark as a growing medium.  I thought I'd just try to root them in my garden. 

By the way, I'm working in the same office as Doug Hines now.  He says he has some leftover OHxF rootstocks he'll let me have, so I can graft a few of the scions I brought with me from Maryland. He also says I can ride down to the Nut Growers' meeting with him.

Eddie Earles

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>I rooted some dormant cuttings of OHxF 513 pear rootstock last year - 
>shoots coming up off the understock I'd grafted other varieties onto 
>- not suckers, per se, but vigorous shoots coming off the main 
>trunk.  I used whatever rooting hormone powder I had on hand - I'd 
>have to look at the bottle for manufacturer and concentration, but 
>it's just stuff off the shelf from the local garden center.  I'd say 
>probably 50% rooted - maybe more.  Might have gotten better results 
>if I'd rigged up a humidity chamber or something along those lines, 
>but I didn't.
>At 12:07 PM 3/5/2009, you wrote:
>>  I'm going to attempt to propagate some pears and Viburnum judii by 
>> dipping cuttings in a rooting hormone and planting.  Does anyone 
>> here have any experience doing this?  Which hormone do you 
>> recommend?  Is "Dip & Grow" better than rootone?
>>Eddie Earles
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