[NAFEX] late bloomers

Brungardt, Sam Sam.Brungardt at state.mn.us
Mon Mar 2 11:12:06 EST 2009

Matt, the cultivars most often noted for blooming especially late are
Northern Spy, which you already have, King, Rome Beauty (Rome),
Goldrush, Bramley's Seedling, and the latest of all, Court Pendu Plat
(sometimes called the wise apple because it blooms so late).
Unfortunately, I know nothing more about this very old cultivar. -- Sam
Brungardt, St. Paul, Minn. (USDA Zone 4b)


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Greetings to all.
     Are there any late blossoming apples anyone can suggest? I have
nothern spy,and arkansas black. I am in the Mounains of West Tx.We can
have a frost even Memorial day.
I use 'shower caps' to protect from hail,excess wind,and sun.tnx

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