[NAFEX] Nafex Digest (by email) diverted to Spam list (nafex Digest, Vol 77, Issue 144)

Heath Flax 8orge.onx at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 22:34:22 EDT 2009

...getting around to mentioning a minor problem I had about three
weeks ago (~June 12, 2009) when I discovered that a few of the Nafex
Digests which I get by email, turned out to have ended up in my Spam
diversion box.  I had been unable  to find a post I had sent, and in
addition, I was seeing discussion threads (especially replies) which
seemed to come out of nowhere--hadn't noticed the original posts of
several subjects which nonetheless were getting replies.
So, on a hunch, I checked my Gmail spam box, and sure enough, several
Nafex digests were there.

The main reason I figure this is worth mentioning, is I guess in case
others have a  main Nafex archiving strategy like mine: simply, making
sure to retain all daily (approximately) Digests received by email.
This plant stood to be interfered with of course by the mysteriously
diverted emails (since email spam boxes in general I guess--for sure
the Google spam diversion box, at least-- automatically empty and
delete those "spams" after a short period of time (unless they are
rescued and moved out of spam first) ...whether they're really spam or

Haven't noticed further Nafex message diversion-to-spam-box any since
that several day stretch.   Didn't previously ever note it happening
any time before either, but I do think I may have previously a couple
times, run into  of the same symptoms which brought me to checking the
spam box this time:  the abrupt noting of a discussion thread in
progress whose original, beginning post seemed nowhere to be found.
Course, those previous possible times, could have been inefficiency in
tracking and reading all Nafex messages there in my email.  Or not.

No idea whatsoever  in this case,  what could have caused diversion to spam box.

By the way, in at least my personal instance, there seems another
reason why making sure to successfully receive "all" Nafex digest
emails:  when I resort to a nifty alternative method I learned here ,
to track down wanted Nafex archived messages on a given topic, by
Googling in tandem both the topic and this Nafex forum, I find that
much or even most of the time, only a portion of what should come up
(according to a bunch of cross-checking I've done by hand-searching
the archives directly), actually comes up in the Google search
Therefore, succesfully saving all forum messages just as they are
emailed,  for me seems a preferably and more sure-fire handy (and
searchable by just doing "search mail" on the Gmail mail page) way to
archive "all".  But pf course, that's only if the messages
successfully reach the mail  inbox, not spambox, in the first place.

z. 5-6 Massachusetts

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