[NAFEX] Ornamental plum fruiting?

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   I used to have 2 red leaf fruiting plums. The fruit were quite good. I think they were sold in Texas several years ago. However, I budded mine from a tree in town in front of a church. That tree was replaced by a parking lot now---and mine are gone. There are still trees of it around town somewhere, though. I'm thinking in Texas that they simply called it the Allred plum. I think Texas Pecan Nursery used to sell it, Aldredge Nursery and several others.
                       Richard Harrison, Marianna, FL

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Subject: [NAFEX] Ornamental plum fruiting?
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I had some kin call and tell me their red leafed ornamental plum is fruiting, currently about golf ball size.  My first inclination is they were actually sold a fruiting variety instead of an ornamental.  However, I wanted to ask, are there some ornamental plums that will occasionally produce golf ball sized fruit?  I suppose it is possible to mutate back to a fruiting variety.  If it does happen, how common?  They wanted to know if the fruit was safe to eat.  Obviously if it truly is a plum (I haven't seen the tree) it's safe, but are there any poisonous fruits that look like plums?
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