[NAFEX] figs ripening order

Bassem Samaan bassem at gardener.com
Mon Jun 29 16:36:18 EDT 2009

Last year I tried to keep track of the ripening order of the main crop of
figs. Here are some of the fig varieties that I was able to document
their ripening order. The ripening order of figs vary from location to
location, from year to year, in-ground tree or container grown. 

2008 ripening order

2008 has been average good year for figs so far. It had lots of sunny and
warm days and not too much rain. I started picking Breba (first crop)
figs in June. Naples White was a winner for taste among the first crop.

Here's the ripening order so far this year. This is a main crop, some I
didn't mention because of they're either in the greenhouse or too young
to bear.

8/15: Sal's fig

8/24: Dark Portuguese, Matta, 187-25

8/25: Rimaley, Long Yellow

8/26: Hardy Chicago

8/29: Celestial, MegaCeleste

9/5: Osbourne prolific, Blue Celeste, Blue Giant

9/9: Brooklyn White

9/13: Lebanese Red, Brunswick

9/15: Vista, Black Madiera

9/23: Brooklyn Dark


Bass Samaan

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  My very light breba crop of Latarulla and Brown Turkey are ripening.
  They are OK, but never taste as good as the main crop in my opinion.

  Betsy Hilborn
  7a NC

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