[NAFEX] of raspberries and peas

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Sat Jun 27 21:13:51 EDT 2009


Well after 15 years of traveling out of sate each and every week, and 2.9 Million air mile slogged, the fluffy one is now home on a fairly regular basis.  And those my eyes are bigger than my stomach in terms of what I would like to do, I am limited by my city lot size.  

To that end I have started to get an interest in inter cropping fruit and vegetables.  My first experiment has been planting snow peas (Super Sugar Snap for those who care on the North side of my everbearing raspberries (cut to the ground in spring) in a row oriented east to west.   It seems to work fine.  However I am worried about introducing disease etc to the soil and am wondering what people' thoughts son this are, and if you have particular combinations you have tried (maybe onions planted between strawberries?)

Once again I am looking for the things I would not want to mix because of disease potential and any possible synergistic effect si might get.

Comments appreciated.


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