[NAFEX] Historical pears

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Sat Jun 27 09:47:47 EDT 2009

Well, this morning I drove into the lot across the street from the used car 
lot where I have permission to pick pears.  There were two mule drawn wagons 
just crossing the lot and a guy getting out an old fashioned drum set and 
another guy putting together some kind of old looking silver instrument.  I 
asked what's happening, the parade for the train depot, it's 100 years old. 
I said I'm here to pick off that 100 year old tree there.  Some organizer 
came by and I told her about the tree, picked a couple pears for her.  She 
asked if I have documentation that could be pinned up on display at the 
depot.  I said I could print some drawings and paintings off the net.  She 
asked if our forestry guy knew about it.  I said no, but I'd grafted trees 
if anyone was interested.  She said he'd be thrilled to hear about it.  I've 
come back over to the office to get plastic bags, the car lot's not open 
yet.  I'll probably take some pears over to the depot before the fun all 
starts.  I never really thought about anyone else here being very interested 
in what I was doing.  Of course, like what I said about my family.... no 
one's interested in my hobby till it comes time to eat it.  And the Early 
Harvest pear has a reputation as a tardy bearer... 7-8 years if you are 
lucky.  10-12 if you aren't.  But James Lawyer says his family has been 
picking off one tree for 103 years so I guess it's a good investment. 
Certainly it's a better investment for a community as opposed to an 
individual.  Donna 

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