[NAFEX] Blueberries not finished

Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Jun 24 12:30:22 EDT 2009

I just returned from a week visiting family just
north of Montgomery,AL. Their rabbiteye blueberries
were in full swing - I'd pick 2-3 gallons every
morning before the temps climbed into the upper 90s.

My rabbiteyes here in KY, just north of the TN border
(identities long ago forgotten - they were cuttings
my dad rooted from some of his) are just now
beginning to ripen a berry here and there.
No longer have any northern highbush varieties, as
they fell prey to the bulldozer when my wife decided
to put in a tennis court last fall, but as well as
the rabbiteye varieties produce here, I doubt that
I'll replant northern types - I'll probably go with
all rabbiteye and Southern highbush varieties.

Lucky Pittman


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