[NAFEX] Manganese in Greensand

Eddie Earles jas39a at att.net
Wed Jun 24 06:12:00 EDT 2009

Some of the stuff sold as Greensand may contain substantial quantities of
sulfides.  Upon oxidation, sulfides release sulfuric acid.

Eddie Earles

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> Mathew Waehner asked, "It seems that a lot of people use greensand without
> ill
> effects.  Any documentation, beyond your own soil tests?"
>    My information mainly comes from what my soils people tell me when I
> in a soil sample from my raspberry beds.  I've got raspberry plants that
> exhibit the chlorosis normally seen in plants that were sprayed with Round
> Up.  Some time in the past, greensand was broadcast in that area.  I
> normally would not expect manganese to be a problem until the pH drops
> 5 but some other, unknown, mechanism seems to be at play.  Removing the
> spent canes away from that area is slowly lowering the incidence of
> toxicity.
>     I'm glad you asked the question because, after checking online, it
> appears there are two compounds called "greensand", greensand and
> greensand.  The person who broadcast "greensand" here bought his product
> from a water filtration business, a company that uses manganese greensand.
> Checking my Handbook of Chemistry, I learned that the other greensand does
> not contain manganese.  So it is me that was confused and if you hadn't
> asked the question, I'd still be confused.
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