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Some years ago for the vegetables course I teach, I tried to summarize  
a few of Kinsey's key points. Here is part of it

The Problem of Mineral Tie-up
Soils provide nutrients to plant roots because water, soil acidity and  
microbes make them available to the roots.
A soil can have tons of minerals that aren’t available to the plant.
Many nutrients cease to be available to plant roots if too much of  
some other mineral is available.
You need to have a balance of nutrients. Too much of one results in  
too little of something else.
So Kinsey is saying that often soils have lots of a mineral, but it is  
not available to roots if either naturally or because of something  
applied to the soil, there is too much of another mineral.

In excess, calcium ties up magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, manganese.
In excess, phosphorous ties up calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese,  
In excess, magnesium ties up calcium and phosphorous
In excess, zinc ties up copper, cadmium, iron and phosphorous.
In excess, copper ties up iron and phosphorous

In excess, sodium ties up potassium.
In excess, potassium ties up sodium, iron, and manganese.
In excess, iron ties up copper, potassium, & phosphorous.
In excess, cobalt ties up iron.
In excess, cadmium ties up copper.
In excess, manganese ties up iron, phosphorous, & potassium

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On Jun 22, 2009, at 11:57 PM, Steve wrote:

> Kieran &/or Donna wrote:
>> ...............................
>> I have read some of Albrechts work, but much prefer to read it
>> the easy way, in  Neal Kinsey's book HANDS ON AGRONOMY.   I keep
>> mentioning this book, but I don't think any of you have bought a copy
>> yet because you'd talk about it if you had. ..................
> Based on that, I thought maybe I should invest in that book. Looked on
> eBay, looked on Amazon.com. Costs less than $20. I discovered that
> Amazon will let you pretty much read the thing on their web site. I'm
> not sure how they get away with that.
> I read up to page 46 tonight. Certainly there is some information  
> there
> but nearly all of what I have read so far is story after story that
> proves the lab he runs does a better job than anyone else. I think  
> I'll
> read some more tomorrow night. There will be more to it than a
> continuing promotion of his lab... right?
> Steve
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