[NAFEX] Cassis redux

Stephen Sadler Docshiva at Docshiva.org
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I find my liqueurs just improve with age; I start using them at six months.
Maybe the dried fruit, maybe the time of it's 'steeped', maybe the sugar
amount, or the proof of the alcohol?  Boiling would not work.  I think it's
the recipe.  Also, I would really exclude stems or leaves, which can leave
an off-taste which might become greater over time, as the flavor compounds
evaporate. That evaporation will occur and harm the flavor it the liqueur
isn't kept well sealed.  

~ Stephen

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Stephen, This was an old message of mine that someone reposted in response
to a new question. The only thing I would add about this recipe -- which is
still pretty much what I use -- is what you are saying:- IT DOES NOT LAST!
Maybe eight months max before it goes stale and the fruit flavor hardens. I
discovered this when I proudly served a Kir to a bunch of people, carefully
using an old bottle of Cassis. I was surprised by the subdued reaction
until I tried it myself.

So, there is a trade-off here between intense fruitiness and keeping
properties. Now that I know, it does not bother me -- I don't make too much
anyway and think of it as a Winter Tonic! Maybe you know of a stabilizer --
I would guess that boiling does the trick but at great cost.

As to your question, I have tried a couple of other fruit-flavored alcohols
but none is close to Cassis. The redcurrant was very pretty but not so good
in taste. I thought about blueberry but have not tried it (the berries are
so great frozen whole) I am planning on trying a pear alcohol this year,
probably from `Golden Spice' which has a very string in flavor.


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