[NAFEX] Eating field mushrooms

Kieran &/or Donna holycow at frontiernet.net
Sun Jun 21 16:58:40 EDT 2009

Jerry,  That's a good story!  Bringing the subject back to fruit, I was picking wild elderberries in England one day and these two kids saw me and asked why I was picking poisonous berries. I said they weren't poisonous, and when they didn't believe me, I ate some.  They were horrified.  
    It was in England I learned to pick field mushrooms, which I am happy to say are plentiful here in Tenn too.  I never buy mushrooms, just wait for the season to arrive.  My kids always hated mushrooms, but they knew that if they could find some, I'd make pizza.  So they kept a sharp eye out for them.    Donna 
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