[NAFEX] Trouble with establishing a kiwi

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> I need some help with a kiwi problem..
> I am trying to establish kiwis this year. I am having trouble with my female
> Saanichtons. I planted one, it seemed to thrive, then approximately 1 month
> at the site, the leaves wilted, dropped.  It was showing so signs of leafing
> out again despite green cambium, so I replaced it with a vigorous, actively
> leafing out female about 4 weeks ago.  Now that plant is starting to wilt at
> all of its terminal leaf clusters.  All this difficulty has occurred at one
> this site.

If this plant does not recover, dig it out and examine the roots.  If  
they are mushy, the plant may have root rot.  The first female kiwi I  
ordered started wilting in the pot it came in shortly after delivery.   
I lifted it out of the pot, and the roots were black and mushy, not  
white and firm like those of the (healthy) male.  The vendor replaced  
it right away.


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