[NAFEX] Anyone growing goji in zone 4?

Sarah Kehler Ewing skkewing at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 20 19:24:56 EDT 2009


I'm growing Goji berries in zone 3.  I got seeds from Jim Ternier at Prairie Garden Seeds in Cochin, SK Canada last year.  He kindly sent me two packets: seeds he had grown and collected as well as seeds from a Chinese grocery.  I started both inside, then my toddler mixed up the labels and so I planted out a mix of both kinds making up about 50 plants last spring.  There was a lot of variability in survival this past winter: some were hardy right to the tip and some died back to the ground.  We have had several very dry years in a row, including this one, and I have lost several hardy trees and had all my apricots die back varying amounts (some down to 6" for 8' never having died back at all even after a -48F winter) so this isn't the year for me to judge hardiness.  I did pull out some of the Goji berries (we had a really late week of frosts combined with 6" of snow the second week of June) when I noticed that some of them showed frost damage as well
 as the top die back from the winter whereas others showed no damage at all.  I also put in 150 more seedlings (carefully labeled with Sharpie on plastic under the plant pots to circumvent my toddler!) this spring and I will post how the berries from both sources do next spring.

Goji Berries have been growing feral in Edmonton ever since they were brought here by Chinese railroad workers.  And I also recently met a Chinese gentleman on the U.B.C. Botanical Garden Forum (look for the Goji thread) and he and his wife have been growing Goji berries (he calls them a slightly different name) for years in Edmonton which is a zone 3/4. 

This year I also bought Goji Berries from the Saskatoon Farm (on the web) which I believe is in zone 3 and from Dominion Seeds (on the web), but they list their as zone 5 hardy and emphasized to me that there is no guarantee with my plants!

zone 3
Edmonton, AB

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> I've put a few plants in the ground
> but have no idea if they'll make  
> it thru the winter.  A friend up by Lake Superior has
> had his make it  
> thru a winter or 2 but he's a notch warmer than down here.
> & just found this on the net from someone growing goji
> in Iowa &  
> offering "super" cultivars...
> http://www.fountainofyouth-gojiseed.com/
> (the site might be a bit much for those of you who don't
> want to live  
> for ever, etc, etc)
> =!=
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