[NAFEX] Fruit tree prognosis

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Too late to get replacements so just water and see.

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I need some advice on how much I need to worry about newly planted fruit
trees in my orchard. 

I purchased whips this spring (apples, cherries, peaches, pears) that I
healed in until planting. The problem is that the trees broke dormancy while
healed in and had their new growth nipped one night when one son left the
fence open. To make matters worse, the landscaping company that planted the
trees couldn't get the trees in until the first week of June (a hot week
here is Maryland). 

The orchard has be in for two weeks. None of the trees have died (all wood
has an excellent appearance and is green under the bark) but, after all that
has gone on, many have little new growth, some have very few leaves, and
some have clearly viable but wilting leaves and shoots. The apples faired
much better than the pear, peach and cherry trees--most of the apples really
should be fine.

What should I do? What can I expect?


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