[NAFEX] Cranberries & Pink Blueberry

Doreen Howard gardendiva at charter.net
Sat Jun 20 18:18:04 EDT 2009

I purchased a four-year-old cranberry plant from Johnny's this spring and planted it according the best instructions I could find.  I dug out the old dirt from the bed to a depth of 8 inches.  Then I filled it with half peat moss and half sand, to which I added 1 cup Epson salts, 1 cup bloodmeal, 1 cup bonemeal, 1 cup rock phosphate and 1/4 cup greensand.  After I set in the plant (which came with cranberries on it), I mulched the bed with shredded bark.  The plant has grown a bit and now it has a small sprinkling of flowers.  My question is, what do I do now?  More fertilizer, more sand or what.  Water isn't a problem, as we are drowning here along the IL-WI border.  Three inches yesterday, alone.

Second question.  I received a padded mailer about three weeks ago from a nursery in Washington that I do not know.  The package contained three tiny, rooted blueberry plants.  The tags said it was "Pink Lemonade".  No instructions, no indication of why they were sent to me, etc.  I looked it up online and found limited information about the cultivar.  Evidently, it's a late blueberry and the berries are bright pink.  Does anyone have further knowledge of this blueberry?  I'm sort of winging it with them.  One is in the blueberry bed, one in the cranberry bed and the third in a large container.

Any information is appreciated.
Doreen Howard
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