[NAFEX] Trouble with establishing a kiwi

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The same thing happened to me last year - had two kiwis, were doing great,
then I noticed them drooping and in 2 days they were dead.  I couldn't find
any parasite, etc. when I pulled them. Red clay soil, other plants around
them were fine.  




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I need some help with a kiwi problem..

I am trying to establish kiwis this year. I am having trouble with my female
Saanichtons. I planted one, it seemed to thrive, then approximately 1 month
at the site, the leaves wilted, dropped.  It was showing so signs of leafing
out again despite green cambium, so I replaced it with a vigorous, actively
leafing out female about 4 weeks ago.  Now that plant is starting to wilt at
all of its terminal leaf clusters.  All this difficulty has occurred at one
this site.


In the arbor area, I also have another female Saanichton, a male pollinator
and two hardy kiwis and a muscadine. They are all vigorous and growing


I have seen no pests so far on the kiwis. I have red clay soil, about 6.2
pH, I add bone meal to the planting hole, then mulch the plants with
composted stable waste.  They are protected from weeds and staked to bamboo
for support. They are all in full sun. We have had a rainy year, but with
periods of heat and dry. The soil has been moist overall, though the site
does drain well.  All the plants are planted soil level to slightly high.


Any thoughts on this one site or what is wrong with these two successive
kiwis?  I'd like to use the site if possible as I have limited space.



Betsy Hilborn

7a NC


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