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My county agents office has always taught that P was rather immobile. Now that doesn;t say anything about whether it is available for plant uptake or not. If very immobile, I would question its availability to plants to absorb it. 

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Ok, the contradictions on this site to my understanding of phosphorous was starting to bug me.  I was beginning to think my memory was going so I went to my book shelf and grabbed Brady's "The Nature and Property of Soils" to look up phoshorus.  I quickly found this statement "When soluble forms (of phosphorous) such as those found in manures and fertilizers are added to soils they are fixed (bonded tightly to soil solids in a form generally unavailable to plants) or are changed to unavailable forms and in time react further to become highly insoluble forms".  He goes on to say that "phosphate is essentially an immobile nutrient".
Does anyone have some actual information that contradicts this, based on scientific understanding?  Or am I just not understanding what I'm reading?
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