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> I used to see those mushrooms growing in cow patties with great 
> regularity, 
> and some of my cousins' hippie friends were known to harvest and partake 
> of 
> them, but I never had any inclination to try 'em. 

I'll throw in what I know on this subject. Here in Indiana in late summer 
and early fall when it rains a fare amount after a long dry spell and cools 
down two types of mushrooms come up in the fields, especially pastures.  One 
is the Angle of death and will kill you. They are white with a bulb at the 
base, easy to identify. The other is the field button mushroom, very eatable. 
I've eaten many. Sautéed in butter and salted, almost as good as spring 
morels. Used to smother a steak, meal for a king!  It is fun to watch people's 
faces when they call them poisonous toadstools and I cut one off at ground 
level and eat it there on the spot. Of course if the Angle of Death tell them 
they are right. It is easy to tell them apart, except when very small, 
however the field one is light pink inside while the Angle oD is pure white. 


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