[NAFEX] mushroom control, OT of course

Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Jun 19 16:15:40 EDT 2009

I'm not buying this premise that the government has required inclusion of a 
fungicide/fungistat in animal feeds for the express purpose of preventing 
the growth of Psilocybe mushrooms.  I'll have to see some believable 
documentation before I'll dismiss it as total...male bovine excrement.

I'll accept that fungicides may be used on seed grains held over for 
planting in the next growing season, but I'm fairly certain that the millions
(or billions) of tons of feed-grade corn, oats, etc. that are fed to 
livestock or incorporated into human foodstuffs are routinely and 
systematically treated with a fungicide, merely to keep psychedelic 
mushrooms from sprouting in cow patties.  It just ain't happening.

And, the vast majority of beef cattle, particularly in the Southeast, rarely 
even see grain or concentrate ration of any sort - and over the vast 
majority of the entire US, beef and dairy production is carried out 
primarily utilizing forages, though dairy cattle are frequently fed corn 
silage &/or a Total Mixed Ration containing some grain; Beef cattle would 
ordinarily only be fed grain or a mixed feed during winter, or in a feedlot 
situation as they are being 'finished' for slaughter.

I used to see those mushrooms growing in cow patties with great regularity, 
and some of my cousins' hippie friends were known to harvest and partake of 
them, but I never had any inclination to try 'em.  This was years ago, and I 
can promise you my dad & uncle rarely purchased any sort of grain or feed - 
grass and home-grown hay only.
I rarely notice mushrooms in the cow pats here - but I don't attribute it to 
feeding fungicides, 'cause our cows eat grass, then, when winter hits and 
the forage supply is exhausted, they get hay and a distiller's grain 
product, which I'm certain has not been treated with a fungicide. On 
shipments with a high moisture level, you have to feed it pretty quickly or 
it molds pretty badly.


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