[NAFEX] leachy phosphate? now manure/compost fertilizer

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I don't think it's possible to add too much compost to most soils. It's the manure that gets you into trouble. If you have heavy feeders that the compost is not enough for, you could try a foliar feed with fish emulsion. It will give the plants a quick boost without making an irreversible overfeeding situation. These days, I find that plenty of compost is usually enough for even heavy feeders like tomatoes. The produce seems to keep better too if you don't feed a lot of extra Nitrogen.

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Mark wrote:
One common mistake some people make is the application of too much
manure and compost year after year.

I live in a warm climate with poor soil. I plant in subsoil really. I
mulch my fruit trees/bushes with composted stable waste: horse manure,
urine, pine shavings.  I fertilize with cottonseed meal or Plant-tone to
the amount of nitrogen specified by my state's extension service soil
test.  In my vegetable garden I add compost , composted stable waste,
and/or straw mulch yearly.  I add it as it decomposes and I try to
maintain a mulch barrier to discourage weeds.  I may add more composted
stable waste or fertilizer during the growing season to heavy feeders
such as corn.   I am still playing with and learning the right balance!
I fertilized my blueberries way too much last year and they shot up 3
feet during that growing season.

How do I know if I apply "too much manure and compost" other than
luxurious vegetative growth to the exclusion of fruit?

Betsy Hilborn
7a NC

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