[NAFEX] leachy phosphate? now manure/compost fertilizer

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Fri Jun 19 14:29:49 EDT 2009

Mark wrote:
One common mistake some people make is the application of too much
manure and compost year after year.

I live in a warm climate with poor soil. I plant in subsoil really. I
mulch my fruit trees/bushes with composted stable waste: horse manure,
urine, pine shavings.  I fertilize with cottonseed meal or Plant-tone to
the amount of nitrogen specified by my state's extension service soil
test.  In my vegetable garden I add compost , composted stable waste,
and/or straw mulch yearly.  I add it as it decomposes and I try to
maintain a mulch barrier to discourage weeds.  I may add more composted
stable waste or fertilizer during the growing season to heavy feeders
such as corn.   I am still playing with and learning the right balance!
I fertilized my blueberries way too much last year and they shot up 3
feet during that growing season.

How do I know if I apply "too much manure and compost" other than
luxurious vegetative growth to the exclusion of fruit?

Betsy Hilborn
7a NC

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