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This is an interesting article by Carey Reams.  I  know that ACRES USA quotes him a lot.  They quote Albrecht too, both are soil scientists and have a lot in common, but they didn't quite see eye to eye on a few things.  I had the opportunity to get some Reams training in nutrition by a student of his, but when she mentioned that Reams had flown out to see her in his private jet, I thought how different he sounded from stories of Albrecht.  I called Harvey Lisle, long time Nafexer and biodynamic nut, and asked him what he thought about Reams.  He hemmed and hawed and finally said that Reams was not a man he could ever look up to.  I have read some of Albrechts work, but much prefer to read it the easy way, in  Neal Kinsey's book HANDS ON AGRONOMY.   I keep mentioning this book, but I don't think any of you have bought a copy yet because you'd talk about it if you had.  I borrowed a copy from someone, whined when I had to return it 6 mo later, ordered my own copy and had to wrest it back from a friend who'd borrowed it for 2 months.  I think my doctor has it now, I'll have to go to his house to get it back I guess.  Without it, there's no way my apple trees would be actually growing.    


Incidentally, this article was written many years before the scandal that broke out about how sulfuric acid that had been used in industry or in car batteries was being recycled by selling it to the fertilizer industry.  When it was used to combine with phosphate to produce superphosphate, it took whatever it had dissolved with it.  I don't know about the rest of the country, but apparently it was a bad deal up in the PNW where my son lives.    Donna 
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