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Also called colloidal phosphate or Lonfosco. Its popularity is due to a fast to medium release rate of 2% phosphorous per season out of a total of 20%. Lonfosco also contains 16% total calcium and several trace minerals. In addition to immediate nutrient benefits, soft rock phosphate helps to balance acidic soils. Unlike synthetic super phosphates, colloidal phosphate will not burn tender root hairs or leach quickly away into fragile watersheds. Soft rock phosphate comes highly recommended for orchards, pastures, flower and vegetable beds and compost piles.

It looks like this company may have gone out of business, but it's possible that being so close to it, you may be able to find some company that still has some on hand.  Here was one of their web pages:

Aha,  I called their number, and they are primarily a logging company but for years ran a plant that bagged this stuff.  they weren't making any money, so they closed it down 4 years ago.  However, there is another company that was mining the same stuff.  Canton Mills in Minnesota takes orders for it, but it's shipped out of Florida.  You may find it's not that far away from you.  What I've done in the past is pick the stuff up from various people who have bought a truckload, on my way home from something I had to do anyway.  I've bought it 3X I think, always from different farmers.  They never need a whole truckload, so they spread the word around and peddle off the excess.    Donna 
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