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    I live 200 miles NW of Gainesville---that's why there's no rock phosphate where I live. But as for chill hours, I don't worry much about them. I probably have around 100 varieties of pears. I used to be a member of NAFEX and SFF years ago. I haven't been active in either in years.
   I have Leoma and a couple or 3 different Monterreys--1 hard, 1 soft, that I recall. I have 1 beautiful high-chiller that produces scanty crops of great pears which I could send you. I could look up the name. 
    Bartlett(genuine) produces some, but the fruit are always gnarled and/or wrinkled badly. The small early pear from LA I never got a start of. I'm not sure if I grafted Early Harvest once----or was unable to obtain it at the time. I'll dig out my planting chart sometime.
     Come to think of it, seems like I did hear of a low-chill version of Bartlett years ago. I never tried it. I don't recall if Dr Leon Atlas of Houston had it or maybe Dr Strong in LA. Don't have much time for pear experimenting these days. My biggest hobby is sort of being a political activist--trying to get conservatives(silent majority--who are no longer a majority) to participate in our democratic process by expressing themselves to their Congressmen on pending bills in the Legislature. I also have 2 acres of sugarcane from which we make syrup and about 30 acres of pecans....Little time for pear experimenting!

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Richard,  I offered scionwood before I realized where you are.  I'll bet Early Harvest won't bloom that far south, but I have at least 4 vars that will.  I'm not going to use all the low chill stuff, some of it I took one look and saw how far along it was and decided it wouldn't do here.  I've been meaning to ask if anyone in the Deep South would like the 3 "Bartletts" that are low chill, one really is a Bartlett, the other two are considered quite good quality.  I also have Monterrey, Leona, hmm... some others that are considered low chill but probably not low enough.  Ethan might be able to tell you more.  What are avg chill hours in your area?  If you don't know, your co agent probably does.  I think Gainesville is 500 hrs.  Donna 
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