[NAFEX] leachy phosphate? And Bullshit on the list

growyourown at earthlink.net growyourown at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 19 07:46:17 EDT 2009

  Phosphorus is definitely not a leacher. In fact it is one of the few nutrients that can not be pushed out with other inputs. The only true way to get excess levels under control is by growing a crop and removing that crop from the area. This process can take years.
   One common mistake some people make is the application of too much manure and compost year after year.
   Hopefully all of the above is mostly true. This is the problem when you get a bunch of know it all crack pots like myself on the list. Some things end up being false no matter how long you had those little bits of info in your head. One thing is true though, I am not spewing anger,pushing people around or pushing a political agenda.I work my ass off all day in the hot sun for demanding clients and generally dont have a whole lot of time to read or reply to the list. When I do come to the list I really dont want to be around some of the bullshit that goes on . Life is too busy and short for that sort of thing. Look at the time I have just wasted.
   Generally I self moderate on this list. There are some posters that I just wont read. Somehow ,however, I let myself get wrapped up in this bit of bullshit. Actually calling it bullshit gives the word bullshit a bad name.
  Well I am late for work and pissed at myself for getting pissed.

SW Ohio   
Kiowa blackberries turning red.

I know I should have made this two seperate postings but this was much easier.

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