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Used geese for lawnmowing for years.  Had to put relatively low fences
around flowerbeds and trees or they would sit on the flowers and girdle the
trees. Did not like broadleaf weeds but mowed the grass just fine.  Now
trying a sheep.  Mindy does not seem inclined to eat the trees.  We still
have fences around the flower beds and she will eat broadleaves as well and


But the real reason I got Mindy was that I wanted to try making sheep milk
yogurt.  It is supposed to be incredible.  Goat milk makes great cheese  but
not so great yogurt.  And the goats eat the trees and bushes first so they
have to stay in the pasture area.



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It has always amazed me that more organic growers don't use ducks for pest
control and geese for weeding. It definitely cuts down on the need for hand
labor and turns bugs and weeds into meat and eggs.


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