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Thu Jun 18 23:55:10 EDT 2009

Kevin Moore writes:

Technically San Francisco owns all the water and power from the Hetch Hetchy dam in Yosemite National Park. If the reality matched the legal fiction, then all their electric mass transit would in fact be run by renewable energy.

My question:

I have always wanted to understand this.  And this is not meant to be political or anything of the sort.  Around me we have all these environmentalist types insisting that we take out dams, many at one time used to power mills and date to the turn of the century.  

What I do not grasp is why are they not suggesting we utilize the dams for their original purpose, as I would agree it is a renewable energy source.  I am a pretty green type of guy and very environmentally friendly and I just do not get why you would not to use these resources when any theoretical or actual environmental damage has already occurred and new biotypes created and inhabited around them?  What is so bad about small river dams?   Why eliminate something that has been around for nearly a century and the wildlife has adapted to it?

Anyone with an answer feel free to contact me off list as this is way off topic.


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